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We stock a variety of high performance tools and fasteners allowing for easy installation and fastening of decking boards. We offer an exceptional selection of hidden & concealed fastening systems, clips, screws with matching plugs, stainless steel hardware and screws with colour matched heads.

Camologo Camo Marksman Pro Guide

Marksman Pro Guide

Fits most 5-1/3” to 5-3/4” deck board and creates a 3/16” spacing.

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Camologo Marksman Pro X1 Guide

Marksman Pro X1 Guide

Fits most 5-1/4 in. (133mm) to 5-3/4 in. (146mm) deck board and creates automatic 1/16 in. (1.58mm) spacing.

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Camologo Marksman Pro NB Guide

Marksman Pro NB Guide

Fits most 3-1/4 in. (83mm) to 5 in. (127mm) deck board and creates automatic 3/16 in. (5mm) spacing.

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Camologo Camo Marksman Edge Guide

Marksman Edge Guide

For use when installing treated lumber, cedar, and softwood. Can be used with other deck board products with secondary spacers.

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Camologo DRIVE Stand-Up Tool

DRIVE Stand-Up Tool

Install decking up to 5X faster with the cordless stand-up deck fastening tool that attaches to your drill.

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Camologo Marksman Lever

Marksman Lever

Build a better deck by yourself with LEVER®, the one-turn tool that locks-in rows of boards and clips and straightens warped boards.

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Deckwise logo Drill & Drive Kit

Drill & Drive Kit

The Drill & Drive™ is a 3-in-1 tool you can use to pre-drill, countersink, then flip the insert and drive screws into decking. The ease of use makes pre-drilling hardwoods and installing deck screws 3 times faster than standard drilling & driving.

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Heatcon products

HEATCON Heat forming kit

HEATCON Blankets

The HC99-300 Heat Forming Kits for deck bending applications brings a new evolution to the construction and remodeling industry.


Heatcon products

16 inch Fist Paint Mixer

16 inch Fist Paint Mixer

Attaches to a variable-speed drill to mix paint prior to application

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HIDfast products EDGEfast

EDGEfast Pneumatic Gun

The Edgefast Hidden fastener tool works for PVC and most wood square edge decking.  You place it once, and shoot twice, securing two boards to the joist at either 0, 1/8" 3/16" or 1/4" gaps.

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HIDfast products HIDfast

HIDfast Pneumatic Gun

HIDfast works with all wood, composite and PVC deck boards and is compatible with solid, grooved and tongue/grooved variations.

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HIDfast products HIDfast

Dead Blow Hammer

Hammer used to drive HIDfast clip nails into deck boards.

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HIDfast products HIDfast

Joist Attachment

The Joist Attachment can adjust to work with almost all pre-grooved decking

The Attachment can adjust in very fine increments.

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HIDfast products HIDfast

Tool Bag

HIDfast tool bag. Soft, collapsable for easy storage.

22" x 10" x 12" (L x W x H)

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Perdura products

Eversprout Goliath Deck Brush

Eversprout Goliath Deck Brush

The ultra-wide, high quality, reuseable, 7 inch brush works with paint, stains & sealer.

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Forrester Manufacturing logo


Forrester Nail Puller

Pulls out nails or screws with or without heads

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Duckbill Deck Wrecker

Duckbill Deck Wrecker bar

Duckbill Deck Wrecker bar

The Duckbill Deck Wrecker straddles a single or double 2x joist with a steel head to pry nailed or screwed boards up using maximum leverage.

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Starborn Industries logo DECKFAST® Fascia System

DECKFAST® Fascia System

Fastening System for PVC and Composite Deck Fascia Boards.

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Starborn Industries logo Starborn Pro Plug PVC

PRO PLUG®for PVC/Composite

Integrated Plug Fastening System for PVC/Composite Decking and PVC Trim.

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Starborn Industries logo Pro Plug<sup>®</sup> System for Wood

Pro Plug® System for Wood

Integrated Plug Fastening System for Hardwood Decking and Flooring

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Starborn Industries logo Smart-Bit

Smart-Bit® Pre-drilling & Countersinking

For decks and woodworking. Use with Headcote and Deckfast Stainless screws. 

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Starborn Industries logo Smart Bit depth setter

Smart-Bit Depth Setter

Driving Tool for Setting Screws to the Perfect Depth

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Starborn Industries logo Pro Plug<sup>®</sup> replacement glue nozzle

Glue Nozzle

Replacement glue nozzel for Pro Plug® System.

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Trex logo

Trex universal installation tool

Universal Fastener Installation Tool

Increase installation speed and accuracy and streamline the fastener tightening process.

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Trex logo

Trex replacement bit

Trex® Fasteners Star Drive Hideaway Bit

Trex® Fasteners Star Drive Hideaway Bit. Replacement Trex Hideaway bit for new Star-drive fasteners

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Trex logo

Trex groove cutter

Groove Cutter

For use in various types of decking including capstock composites, composites, PVC, hardwoods and softwoods such as cedar or redwood.

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Trex logo

Trex 7in diablo blade

Trex Blade

specifically designed for cutting composite decking materials. The blades provide cleaner cuts with no swirl marks and a longer cutting life.

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Tiger Claw products


Pneumatic Gun

The Tiger Claw Pneumatic Installation gun is the fastest way to install hidden fastening clips into grooved decking.

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TigerClaw products

Tiger Claw slot cutter

Slot Cutter 

For use in various types of decking including capstock composites, composites, PVC, hardwoods and softwoods such as cedar or redwood.

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TimberTech logo

TimberTech TopLOC Fascia bit

TopLoc Fascia Bit

An imaginative solution to fascia fastening and deck protection, with a bit that pre-drills and overbores through the hole.

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