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Starborn Pro Plug Fastening System

Integrated Plug Fastening System for PVC/Composite Decks and PVC Trim

The Pro Plug® System for PVC and Composite is a superior and easy-to-install plug fastening system for PVC/Composite Decking and PVC Trim. Screws and plugs are available for leading decking and trim products.

Available Kit Sizes:

  • Pro-Plug Tool/Plug Kit (1 x Pro-Plug Tool, 375 plugs)
  • Pro-Plug 100lnft Screw/Plug Kit (150 screws, 165 plugs, 1 driver bit)
Starborn Pro Plug Fastening System
The System consists of the following components:
  1. Screws: Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel, Grades 305 or 316 Stainless Steel screws are available in various lengths (from 2" - 3"). All screws feature a star drive recess and are ACQ approved.
  2. PVC/Composite Tool: This unique patented tool drives screws to the correct depth below the surface. It features a No Cam-Out Auto-Stop™ mechanism that prevents the screw from stripping and a free spinning stop collar that protects the board.
  3. Plugs: Made from actual PVC/Composite deck or trim material, so they match perfectly.

Product Features - PVC/Composite Tool

1. Auto-Stop™ Mechanism

Once target depth is reached, the Auto-Stop™ mechanism inside the tool disengages the driver bit and stops the screw from driving further, preventing the screw recess from stripping

2. Free Spinning Stop Collar

The free spinning stop collar is fitted with a rubber O-ring to prevent damage to the work surface .

3. Special bits for Deck and Trim Applications

Driver bits used with the PVC/Composite Tool are replaceable. There are two types of driver bits: DECK bits and TRIM bits, each optimized for their specific application. Both PVC Tool packages and PVC Deck/Trim Kits include spare bits.

Starborn Pro Plug details


  1. Insert the appropriate driver bit into the Pro Plug® PVC/Composite Tool. The "DECK" bit is for PVC/Composite decking; the "TRIM" bit is for PVC trim.
  2. Drive the screw with the PVC/Composite Tool in a straight and stable fashion with a standard drill.* The screw is set when the Auto-Stop™ mechanism engages fully. In most deck and trim materials, the tool makes a pop sound indicating that the screw has reached the correct depth below the board surface.nbsp;
  3. Insert the plug into the hole above the fastener and tap it into place with a smooth face steel hammer until it is flush with the deck/trim surface. Keep hammer head flat with the board to prevent surface marring.

Further instructions and installation notes are included in every PVC/Composite Deck or Trim Kit.

*Note: Impact drivers may not set screws to the correct depth. Standard drills are recommended.



4. Stainless and Epoxy Coated Star Drive Fasteners:

The Smart-Bit stop collar spins free of the drill bit, preventing marring or burnishing of the deck surface. When the stop collar stops spinning, the hole is complete.

5. Plugs

The Smart-Bit debris cavity gathers waste material, keeping it clear of the countersink, unlike conventional flush mounted countersinks. The waste simply falls out onto the deck surface after each hole is completed.

Starborn Pro Plug details