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Canadian Product Perfect view railing - Spigots

black spigot with cover plate and shim plate


Adjustable in four areas by lowering individual shim screws to insure a level installation. The shim plate protects the deck surface when leveling. These marine grade 2205 stainless steel spigots are the ideal product for the 12mm glass rail installation.

Four screws (not included) are required to fasten each spigot to either concrete, wood, PVC, composite or synthetic flooring. Two spigots per glass panel are required.


Easy levelling spigot comes with shim plate and cover plate. Available in stainless steel or black finish. Spigots come with a 10-year manufacturers warranty against rust.

Spigots are tested and stamped by Canadian Building Envelope Science & Technology.

  • 4" square base
  • from ground to top, height is 6-1/2"
  • Glass clamp height is 5"
black and silver spigot holding glass
stainless steel spigot with cover plate attached
spigot mounting screws for concrete and wood
fascia mount, black, with shim plate
fascia mount, stainless

Fascia Mount

The fascia mount bracket is for when you cannot mount your glass rail to the top face of the deck. Securly fasten your glass panels to the outside surface of your deck with use of the fascia bracket.

Available in stainless or black finish.


One fascia mount and one shim plate

Canadian Product Perfect View Railing is manufactured in Canada