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Trex® Lighting

Trex offers brilliant outdoor deck lighting for the whole backyard with exterior light fixtures that provide energy-efficient illumination and impressive deckside ambience. Whether safely illuminating your stairways with LED step lights or highlighting the perimeter of your domain with deck post lighting, Trex lights offer a long-lasting glow that never fails to match the beauty of a Trex deck.

LED deck lights provide a soft glow that lights the deck for easier wayfinding. They can be installed into the railing, stair risers or the deck itself. Deck lights use long-life LEDs from CREE, a worldwide leader in energy-efficient lighting. Compared to incandescent, our deck lighting uses 75% less energy. Trex outdoor lighting offers easy installation. To avoid splitting wires, you can install DIY deck lighting with the built-in Trex LightHub® connection system. There’s no wiring or electrical skills needed; just plug them in and enjoy.

Deck Post Cap Light
Trex Deck Post cap light example with available colours

Tucked discreetly under the cap, Post Cap Lights provide a warm downward glow and easy way to find colors that perfectly match Trex railing.

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LED Stair Riser Light
Trex riser light example with available colours

Installed into step risers, Trex LED riser lights are durable enough to handle years of passing foot traffic.

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LED Deck Rail Light
Trex deck rail light example with available colours

These indirect lights reside directly on the rail post to illuminate the beautiful deck below.

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Signature Wedge Light
Trex wedge light example with available colours

This versatile post lamp can be installed on composite sleeves as well as 2.5-inch aluminum posts. The sleek, understated design blends into the post during the day or when lighting is turned off.

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Signature Aluminum Post Cap Light
Trex Deck aluminum signature Post cap light example with available colours

The Aluminum Post Cap integrates lighting into the Trex Signature® 2.5-inch aluminum post by spreading light in all directions using a new light ring design.

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LED Recessed Deck Light
Trex recessed deck light example

These subtle dot lights install flush on the deck boards—or almost any other material—to efficiently light the way.

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Trex® LED 30 Watt Transformer
Trex LED 30 WAtt Transformer 

The Trex 30W Transformer is a high-tech power supply designed to provide years of power to your outdoor lighting projects.

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Trex® LED 100 Watt Transformer
Trex LED 100 Watt Transformer

The Trex 100W Transformer is a high-tech power supply designed to provide years of power to your landscaping projects.

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Remote Dimmer
Trex remote dimmer

Trex deck lighting dimmer is the ideal way to turn simple illumination into a perfect mood setter.

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6-Way Splitter
Trex 6 way splitter

Featuring small but durable plugs that simply chain lighting together; 6 ports connect your power source to your lights. Simply link these together with Male/Male LightHub wires (sold separately)

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5-way Transformer Splitter
Trex 5-way splitter

Creating multiple dimmer zones for your outdoor oasis has never been easier. The Multi-zone Transformer Adapter takes the water resistant plug utilized by the Trex Transformers and Dimmers and replicates it turning 1 female port into 5 female ports. This makes creating multiple dimmer zones a snap.

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Female-to-Female Adapter
Trex female to femaile adapter

If the prospect of cutting, stripping and twisting wires together is too much, consider Trex's LightHub installation system. The Female-to-Female adapter is a simple device that allows you to link Male/Male LightHub extension wires (sold separately) together to create custom lengths or make the most of leftovers.

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Trex® Lighthub Extension Wire (Male)
Trex male to male wire packs

Oriented for polarity and made from high quality silver-coated copper in a direct bury sheath, this wire is perfect for outdoor use.

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