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In-Lite Lighting

For more information on In-Lite lighting or to place an order from the below catalogue, please call 1-866-765-2935 or email Deck Masters of Canada.

We are currently updating the In-lite product pages. They have a vast collection of lighting options. As they become available more links will appear.  Please use the pdf catalogue for product reference until more information has been posted or contact Deck Masters for help from a sales associate.

2024 In-Lite Lighting Catalogue - 34.5 M pdf file

Spotlights + Hanging
In-Lite various spot lights used in an enviromental setting

Highlight plants, trees, sculptures and other accent features. 

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Pathway Bollard Lights
In-Lite Pathway light, dark Bollard becide stairs.

Illuminate paths and walkways with unique and modern lighting options.

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Wall Lights
In-Lite wall lights link image showing down lights

Downlight fences, uplight accent walls, illuminate pergolas and highlight privacy screens.

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Recessed Lights
In-Lite recessed lights instaled

With in-lite you can choose from many different ground lights. Use them almost anywhere in your garden and in front of your house or part of your deck.
Some examples are: driveway lighting, deck garden path lighting, facade lighting, tree lighting, canopy lighting and fence lighting.

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Lighting Accessories
In-Lite accessories

Get the most out of your outdoor lighting with accessories that allow you to individually adapt the appearance of your lamps or optimise the light emitted. Additionally, we offer accessories that make assembly even easier, as well as innovative solutions for the most demanding conditions. By combining these outdoor lighting accessories with our 12V lights, you’ll be able to adjust to the exact requirements of your garden.

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In-Lite transformers

The in-lite system operates at 12 volts (low voltage). This means that the 230 volts of power from the socket is converted to 12 volts by a transformer. This is a safe voltage, making in-lite lighting easy to connect and reposition by the consumer.

Available with remotes or touch screen operation. Expandable with motion sensor.

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In-Lite cables

The in-lite system works on 12V low-voltage power. This means that the regular 120V electricity coming out of a wall outlet is converted into 12V through a transformer. This, combined with our wide selection of cables and cable connectors, makes it easy to set up your own outdoor lighting.

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Outdoor lighting gives your yard a cozy and warm atmosphere and serves to let you enjoy your yard in the evening. With an outdoor lighting motion detector you can control when the lights come on so you can walk safely through your yard and to the front door. Place outdoor lighting along a path, driveway, patio, or between your plants, under your canopy, along the fence, or use an outdoor light to illuminate trees. Choose the right outdoor lighting for your yard.