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Highpoint Lighting

The ability to design with lighting to beautify and enhance the outdoor living experience has never been more exciting than today. With the infusion of LED lighting fixtures and options, the same old post cap light as the only option is a thing of the past. Highpoint offers the widest array of LED and incandescent decking lights in the industry. Let us consider some areas where Highpoint Deck Lighting can take the ordinary and turn it into an inviting place where family and friends gather. 

The Deck is an extension of the home, Highpoint Deck Lighting provides the means by which customers can carry the same level of design sophistication from the inside of their homes to their outdoor living environment. Offering the most expansive range of deck lighting in the industry, including custom lights, our models are distinctive and stylish products, not typically available through standard retail outlets. We specialize in matching current fashion trends into our lighting arrangements so decks can be a true extension of the home’s décor.

LED Rail Lights
Installed rail light by Highpoint

LED Rail Lights sold individually or in kits.

6 rail lights to choose form.

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LED Mini Rail Lights
Installed mini rail light - Philuminator mini clear creek LED by Highpoint

LED Mini Rail Lights sold individually or in kits.

6 rail lights to choose form. Various shapes and styles.

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LED Recessed Lighting
LED Recessed Lighting shown installed in deck stairs

LED Step and Gate Lights sold individually or in kits.

Various recessed light styles and shapes to choose form. Bore bit and stainless stell housing for rectangle faceplates sold separately.

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Brick Recessed LED Lights
yellowstone brick lights installed in stairs
  • 4 designs
  • w/ 2- 1.5 Watt LED Panels w/ AG
  • Face Plate: 8-3/4" W x 3" H x 1/4" D 
  • Box Cutout: 8-1/4" W x 2-3/8" H x 3-9/16" D  
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Peak to Peak LED Lights
Peak to Peak, Highpoint LED spot lights

Peak to Peak Up/Down and Mini spotlights.

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LED Landscape Lights
landscape lights used to highlight plants

Bollard lights, BBQ lights, Underwater lights, walkway and tree lights. 

Landscape spot lights are very durable, functional and adjusts easily to different angles.     

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G4 diode LED repacement bulb
  • Wedge base LED Bulbs
  • G4 Bi-pin LED Bulbs
  • MR-16 LED Bulbs
  • SC Bayonnete LED Bulbs
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AC Transformers

For use with Incandescent or LED

While Supplies Last 

  • 40 watt transformer with photo eye and timer
  • 100 watt transformer with photo eye and timer
DC Drivers & DC Transformers
dimmer switch

For use with LED ONLY

  • Magnitude Driver Black (no timer included)
  • Aurora Transformer (no timer included)
  • Low Voltage DC Dimmer Switch
  • Photo Cell Timer add on for use with all transformers types
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Attach and Go Junction Box - connect up to 5 lights in close proximity
  • Attach and Go Accessories
  • Wire and Nuts
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