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Joist Tape

To prevent structural degradation of deck joists, when laying your deck foundation (substructure) choose a good joist tape to help prevent the rot. Water that accumulates under the decking boards cannot dry out easily. It can remain trapped for a long time, creating perfect conditions for rot and decay.

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Cofair Deck Flash Deck Protector

CoFair Deck Flash Deck Protector

DECK FLASH BARRIER is a flexible polyethylene waterproof flashing and barrier material, with a rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive. Deck flash barrier is intended for joist, post and ledger board protection. It creates a physical barrier that prevents the corrosion wood and metal surfaces.

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G-Tape Deck Protector

Nichigo G-Tape™ is a collection of acrylic adhesive tape made by Nippon Gohsei. Although mainly used for industrial and commercial applications, it is also excellent for home projects. 

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